Hope Groups

Hope Groups

If you are looking to connect with people midweek, we have Hope groups: these are small group gatherings in homes without the structure of a Sunday morning where you can sink into a comfy couch, get to know people, be encouraged, talk about the message from Sunday and apply it to your life.   We pray for each other, help each other, and even serve together as a group at different events or to make a difference in someone’s life.

Hope Groups can even happen on decks!

We have two groups currently meeting in Bow Island.  Contact the group leader and they will make sure there is a spot for you!

Thursday nights, 7 pm starting January 18:

Host: Marvin Bauer

Address: 214 1 Avenue West, Bow Island

Leaders: Oliver and Cheryl Edwards (pastoroliveredwards@gmail.com)


Wednesday Nights, 7 pm starting January 24:

Hosts: Pete and Marg Vanderspruit

Address: 110 Centennial Park Crescent West, Bow Island

Leaders: Merlyn and Tineke Solberg (mtsolberg5@gmail.com)