Sunday Worship Service
  • 810 4 Street East
    Bow Island, AB

  • Island of Hope Center

Sunday Worship Service


What to Expect

You will be greeted by friendly faces as you come in, and if you want, the greeter will happily give you a quick tour to familiarize yourself with our space.

Grab a cup of coffee or tea before service at the counter, hang around our tables and say hi to familiar faces, or find yourself a seat and get a little peace and quiet before service.

If you have children with you, our greeter will direct you to the volunteer who will be with the kids today (ages 4-9), who will be starting their own activities as the message starts (about 11:30am).

Our service always includes some singing of a mix of classic hymns and modern worship songs, a time of prayer and thanksgiving, praying for the various organizations we partner with to share Jesus’ love across our region, our nation and around the world.  The pastor then brings a message to consider as we reflect together on how Jesus’ teachings inform and direct our lives even now in the 21st Century.  People are still people, and society is still society, and we all struggle to connect with God amidst distractions and busyness just like people in Jesus’ time did.