About Us

About Us

We Meet Sundays at 11am at 810 4 Street East, Bow Island.  Directions can be found at the bottom of this page.  To get an idea of what Sundays are like, check out What to Expect.

Children’s Church starts at 11:30. To meet our Children’s Church Volunteers, check out Children’s Church.

Youth Sunday School starts at 10am.  To meet our Youth Volunteers, check out Youth.

Our Mission:

To embrace and share the unconditional love of Jesus with all.

Our Vision:

“To grow into a vibrant community of Jesus followers, whose joy and care draws our neighbours into transformed lives in the family of God.  The result will be a tapestry of life-giving relationships that embrace, encourage and extend the reach of Jesus’ love into our surrounding communities and into the world.”

Our Values:

  • We strive to be Grace-filled – expressing the unconditional love of Christ, welcoming all, living in a community that is  welcoming and inclusive.
  • We live in Joy – the joy of the Lord characterizes our worship, prayer, and devotion.  Joy is what God desires from us.
  • We cultivate Community – the sense of relationship that characterizes the way we relate to one another and the way we act in unity as members of the family of God.
  • We strive to be Genuine – we present an authentic life in all aspects – we try to be real and be the same in all circumstances.
  • We encourage Compassion – sharing God’s love, and God’s provision to us with all
  • We do everything with Creativity – using our gifts to reflect God’s creative energies and spirit in the way we approach our service to Him.

For more details, read our Statement of Faith

Our Leaders:

Our pastor is Oliver Edwards. You can find out all about our leadership team under Welcome > Meet our Staff.

Our Partners:

We are a non-denominational church, but we don’t believe in going it alone – for people or for churches.  We partner with many organizations for missions, outreach, social justice, and accountability.  You can find out more about all these partnerships under Welcome > Our Partners.